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Drafting Supplies

Lap boards, Sketch boards, sketch boxes, Parallel rulers, graphic supplies, pencil sharpeners,and electric erasers by Sakura. Bagworks' black, nylon zippered pencil cases. All graphic supplies, office supplies, etc.lead holders and Turquoise drawing leads. All**NEW**Port A Trace Light Boxes.

Tru-Angle Adjustable TrianglesNon-Photo Blue Drawing LeadParallel Straightedge Board
Architectural Templates
House Furnishings Template
Landscaping Template
Interior Design Template
Table/Chair Template
Living/Dining Template
Bow Compass
Bow Compass & Divider
Drafting Triangles
Flourescent Triangles
Tru-Angle Adjustable Triangles
Drawing Leads
Alvin DA Leadholder
Non-Photo Blue Drawing Lead
Rotary Lead Pointer
Turquoise 2mm Leads
Electric Accessories
Sakura Electric SE-2000 -Portable Battery Eraser
Graphic Supplies
C-Thru Ruler Pica/inch Agate
Dusting Brush
Erasing Shield
Graphic Accessories
Lettering Stencils
Maped Geometry Set (10 piece)
Drafting Dots
Graphic Templates
Triangle and Diamond Template
Pocket Pal Template
Circle Master Template
X-Large Circles Template
Ellipse Master Template
Itoya Pocketlens
Mechanical Pencils
Pentel Sharp Drafting Pencil
Alvin Draft-Matic Mechanical Pencils
Graph Gear 1000 Drafting Pencil
Pentel Super High -Polymer 5 MM Leads
Mechanical Pencil Erasers
Office Supplies
Bulldog Clips
Cork Boards
Hole Punch
Outdoor Furniture
Parallel Rulers
Parallel Straightedge Board
Pencil Accessories
"The Miser" Pencil Extender
Lyra Pencil Extender
Rules & Scales
Rolling Parallel Rulers
Stainless Steel cork-back Rulers
Lance Standard T-Squares
Flexible Curve
French Curves
Architect's Scales
Graphic Arts Ruler
Agate Printer's Rule
Proportional Scales
Scale Divider
Derwent Scale Divider
Sketch Boards
Drawing Board/Table Top
Masonite Sketch Boards
Lap Boards
Pickett Templates
House Furniture Indicator
Pickett Circle Template
Pickett Lettering Guide
Pickett Plumbing Template
Transfer Paper
606TG Graphite Transfer Paper