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X-Acto blades

With a choice of more than 50 different blades, you can be assured that you'll have exactly the right X-ACTO blade to handle the challenges any project demands. Whether you're a skilled crafter, a professional artist or a dedicated hobbyist, X-ACTO brand blades and tools have what it takes to bring out the best of your abilities. **All-New**X-ACTO X-Life precision blades.

No.11 Classic Fine Point BladeX-Life Precision BladesSingle Edge Razor Blades
Blade Assortments
No.1 Precision Blade Assortment
Cutting Blades
Craft Swivel Knife Blade
Delux Retractable Knife Blade
No. 9RX Retractable Blade
No.10 General Purpose Blade
No.11 Broad Tip Blade
No.11 Classic Fine Point Blade
No.11 Stainless Steel Classic Blade
No.16 Scoring Blade
No.2 Large Fine Point Blade
Snap Off Blades
Utility Blades
8R Lightweight Utility Knife Blade
Heavy-Duty Utility Blade
Woodcarving Blades
No.12 Mini Curved Carving Blade
No.17 Lightweight Chisel Blade
No.18 Heavyweight Chisel Blades
No.19 Angled Wood Chiseling Blade
No.22 Large Curved Carving Blade
No.23 Corner Stripping Blade
No.24 Deburring Blade
No.25 Large Contoured Blade
No.28 Concave Carving Blade
Woodcarving Routers
X-acto Woodcarving Router Assortment
X-Life Precision Blades
X-Acto Z Series
Z Series No. 11 Fine Point Blade
Z Series #2 Blades
No.15 Keyhole Saw Blades
Single Edge Razor Blades