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Kid's School Accessories

Selection of items for kid's backpack including: protractors, pencil sharpeners, scissors, rulers, note pads, etc. Spacemaker pencil boxes by Rubbermaid. EXPO's new line of dry erase marker boards, magnetic dry erase boards and cork boards, as well as cork/dry erase combinations.

Zippered Mesh Pencil BagsStart Pencil BagsAlvin 5.5" School Compass
Maped® 10-Piece Geometry Study Set
Bagworks Aprons
Adult Canvas Apron - Small
Crayola Brush Sets
Crayola So Big Brushes
Crayola Craft 5 Brush Set
Crayola Creativity Tub
Fiskars School Tools
Fiskars Double Hole Sharpener
Kids Brushes
Stubby Brush 10 Pack
Stubby Brushes with Color Handles
Pencil Bags by Prat Paris
Start Pencil Bags
Plastic Lacing
PVC Mesh Bags
Zippered Mesh Pouchs
Zippered Mesh Pencil Bags
12" x 1 1/2" Plastic Transparent Ruler
12" x 1 1/4" Plastic Ruler
School Pencil Compass
Alvin 5.5" School Compass
Self-Portrait Mirror
Self Portrait Mirror
Sketch Boards
Clipboard Rubber Bands