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Akua Inks

Both Akua Kolor and Akua Intaglio are made with high quality light-fast pigments for the professional artist. They do not contain toxic dryers or hazardous ingredients.

Variety Needle Applicator SetCarborundum GelAkua 20" PinPress
Felt Tips
Needle Tip Washer Bottle
Needle Tips
Akua Carborundum Gel
Carborundum Gel
Akua Intaglio
Akua Intaglio Starter Set
Akua Intaglio 2 oz.
Akua Intaglio 8 oz
Akua Intaglio Modifiers
Akua Blending Medium
Akua Oil Converter
Intaglio Transparent Base
Akua Kolor
Akua Liquid(Kolor)
Akua Kolor Modifiers
Akua Kolor Extender
Akua Kolor Retarder
Akua Release Agent
Akua Tack Thickener
Akua Pin Press
Akua 20" PinPress
Akua Pen & Applicator Sets
Variety Needle Applicator Set
Pen Variety Set
Instructional DVDs
Safer Printmaking-Rostow & Jung
Between Ink & Paper-Kernan
Plastic PETG Plates
Mono/Drypoint Plates
Wiping Fabric
Akua Wiping Fabric