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Kid`s Paints

Tempera, Washables, Washable Chunkie paint markers, Face paints, Finger Paints, and Powder Paints. **NEW**Crayola washable sidewalk paint. Kids smocks, aprons and brushes. White and Black bristle easel brushes.Perfect for the early years!

Sargent Washable Giltter PaintCrayola Creativity SmockPrang Tempera Cakes
Sargent 72 Brush Assortment
Crafty Dab
Kid's Paint Markers
Kid's Shimmer Markers
Poster Paint Markers
Kid's Paint Marker 6-Pack
Crayola Premier Tempera
Crayola 16 oz. Liquid Tempera
Crayola 32 oz. Liquid Tempera
Crayola Tempera Mixing Mediums
Tempera Mixing Mediums Assortment
Crayola Washable Paint
Crayola Washable Paint 16 oz
Crayola Washable Paint Gallons
Crayola Washable Paint Sets
Crayola Washable Paint Set
Crayola Neon Paint 10 Pack
Crayola Washable Metallic 6 Pack
Crayola Washable Glitter Paint 6 Pack
Easel Brushes / Student Quality
Easel Brushes
Flourescent Tempera
Crayola Flourescent Tempera
Sargent Flourescent Paints
Art Time Liquid Tempera
Art Time Liquid Tempera Paint 8oz.
Art Time Liquid Tempera, 16 oz.
Art Time Liquid Tempera, 32 oz.
Art Time Liquid Tempera, Gallon
Kids Brushes
Easel Brushes
Foam Roller Brush 3pk
Kids Bulb Brush
Kids Smocks
Crayola Art Smock
Crayola Creativity Smock
Creativity Street Smock
Sargent Smart Smocks
Crayola Art Smock
Creativity Street Smock
Painting Supplies
Neatness Paint Jars & Brushes
Paint Cups Round 10pk
Paint Cups Square 10pk
Paint Pumps
Powdered Tempera
Richeson Powder Paint
Prang Tempera Cakes
Prang Tempera Cakes
Sargent Art Acrylics
Sargent 8oz Acrylic Paints
Sargent 64oz Acrylic Paints
Sargent Acrylic Sets
Sargent Poster Paint Sets
Sargent Washable Paint Sets
Sidewalk Paint
Crayola Sidewalk Paint Tray
Washable Tempera
Sargent Washable Giltter Paint
Art-Time Washable Tempera, 16 oz.,
Art-Time Washable Tempera, Gallon