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Plaster Craft

Plaster impregnated gauze that comes in convenient “fan-folded” packages. The gauze band is 6" wide and the continuous fan-fold packing allows for easy of use and handling! Just cut to desired lengths, wet strips and mold around a base shape. Plast’r Craft® adheres to itself or any porous material. After it dries, sand smooth and paint (Instructions included). Plast’r Craft® comes in 5 lb. and 20 lb. “fan-folded” boxes.

Plaster Craft
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Rigid Wrap 1lb.(4"x180") 231 $ 5.36
Rigid Wrap 8"x180" 234 $ 8.32
Plastercraft 5lbs 5271-0 $ 27.28
Plastercraft 20lbs 5272-0 $ 54.53
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