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Printmasters Relief Ink 16 oz Jars

Printmasters Relief Ink 16 oz Jars
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Speedball's Printmasters Relief Inks are designed for the accomplished printmaker; these vibrant, highly pigmented, intense true process colors allow you to achieve an unlimited color spectrum. *viscosity similar to that of oil-based inks *water-soluble and compatible with all Speedball water-based block printing inks *AP non-toxic. Easy clean up with water. Printmasters inks can be used in combination with Speedball extrender base to create vibrant transparent layers for producing extended color ranges.

Black Relief Ink 16 oz 3730 $ 16.43
Process Yellow Relief Ink 16 oz 3731 $ 16.43
Process Cyan Relief Ink 16 oz 3732 $ 16.43
White Relief Ink 16 oz 3733 $ 16.43
Process Magenta Relief Ink 16 oz 3734 $ 16.43
Relief Ink Retarder 150 CC 3635 $ 8.60
Relief Ink Extender 150 CC 3636 $ 8.60
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