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Bristle Filbert

Bristle Filbert
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The Princeton Brush Series 6300 brush is perhaps the best brush for acrylics. This Princeton Brush offers synthetic hair and has the same stiffness as natural bristle brushes. However, unlike natural bristle it retains its shape and stiffness when used with acrylics and other water based paints. Best of all, it's a Princeton Brush!

Qualifies for flat-rate shipping!

Best Synth.Bristle Filbert #16 6300FB-16 $ 31.95
Princeton Syn HH Brs Filbert #2 6300FB-2 $ 6.39
Princeton Syn HH Brs Filbert #4 6300FB-4 $ 8.37
Princeton Syn HH Brs Filbert #8 6300FB-8 $ 12.81
Princeton Syn HH Brs Filbert #12 6300FB-12 $ 21.57
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