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Cellophane Rolls

Cellophane Rolls
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Cellophane is a clear film that may be used for almost anything from a protective cover for artwork to a color gel for photography. It can also be used in many arts and crafts projects. available in clear, and colors and both are moisture-proof and heat sealing. Not to be used for wrapping food.

Amber Cellophane 150``x20`` 7312-0 $ 3.66
Blue Cellophane 150``x20`` 7315-0 $ 3.66
Clear Cellophane 150``x20`` 7310-0 $ 3.66
Green Cellophane 150``x20`` 7314-0 $ 3.66
Pink Cellophane 150``x20`` 7316-0 $ 3.80
Red Cellophane 150``x20`` 7311-0 $ 3.66
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