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International Center for Creativity

The following list of design related materials are to be considered mandatory supplies for our Industrial and Innovative Design Program at the International Center for Creativity . In addition to this primary list of necessary items … we will be adding to the list as programs advance with respect to specific needs pertaining to course content and objectives .

International Center for Creativity
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12" Flourescent Triangle 30/60 FT39012 $ 3.81
12" Flourescent Triangle 45/90 FT45012 $ 5.56
18" Aluminum Ruler R590-18 $ 4.64
Ellipse Master Template R77 $ 11.22
Factis Eraser Stick BM-2 $ 2.27
French Curve Set(3) FC33 $ 6.58
Pickett Circle Master 1204i $ 8.43
Pink Pearl Eraser 70520 $ 0.74
Prismacolor One Dozen Black 935P $ 15.12
Prismacolor One Dozen Indigo Blue 901P $ 15.12
Prismacolor One Dozen Tuscan Red 937P $ 15.12
Prismacolor One Dozen White 938P $ 15.12
Sargent Square Pastel 24 Set 224112 $ 5.57
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