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Strathmore Stamping Cards & Envelopes

Printmaking Cards

Cards: 280 g/m2
Envelopes: 70 lb. text (25" x 38" x 500 sheets) 104 g/m2
Surface: Medium-texture, soft

This natural white paper is ideally suited for printmaking processes that require a heavier paper such as lithography,  intaglio, and screen print. Also suitable for relief printing. The medium-textured surface is soft, durable, and can absorb large amounts of ink. Paper is high alpha cellulose wood fiber.

Full Size Printmaking Cards
These larger size cards can be used to design a greeting for any occasion from birthdays, holidays and invitations to general correspondence. Full Size matching envelopes are 5.25" x 7.25".

Strathmore Stamping Cards & Envelopes
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20 Cards & Envelopes 105-19 $ 10.11
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